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Consumer Loan

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Items subject to loan

Loans are provided for consumer needs in the following types of goods and services within the Republic of Uzbekistan:

  • purchase of household utensils;
  • purchase of household wares;
  • purchase of office equipment and household appliances;
  • payment for medical services;
  • purchase of package tour and health resort vouchers;
  • purchase of construction materials;
  • purchase of finished construction products;
  • repair of high-rise apartments and flats;
  • services of gas, electricity and water supply to house;
  • wedding ceremonies and other events;
  • payment for installation of methane, propane or natural gas equipment to vehicle;
  • purchase of jewelry;
  • purchase of sports equipment, fitness equipment;
  • training in special training courses;
  • purchase of wheelchairs and other accessories for health rehabilitation;
  • for other purposes in a manner provided by the law.
Terms of loan
  • Loan period - 36 months;
  • Interest rate - 23%;
  • Grace period - 3 months;
  • Amount of loan - up to 200 Basic Estimated Amounts (loans up to 100 Basic Estimated Amounts are issued guaranteed by the third party and certificate of insurance, loans over 100 Basic Estimated Amounts are issued charged upon property);
Type of loan security
The following types of collateral are offered against at least 125% of the loan amount:
  • Property as Security;
  • third-party guarantee;
  • other types of collateral provided by the Law.
Required documents
  • passport or other identity document;
  • duly executed certificate of income issued by the Employer and the document;
  • other documents providing loan repayment;
  • contract on the purchase of goods and services.
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Down Payment
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The calculation is preliminary.
The exact amount of the monthly payment will be determined by the Bank based on the results of the consideration of the application

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