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Dealing transactions

FX Milliy Terminal
You can leave an application for joining the FX Milliy Terminal platform at the following LINK.
Interbank deposits
"NBU" JSC actively participates in the interbank money market in the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad, simultaneously placing deposits in reliable banks and attracting deposits from professional participants and clients.
Foreign Exchange Transactions

NBU JSC quotes the following types of currencies:

• EUR — EURO zone currency;

• GBP — English pound;

• CHF - Swiss franc;

• JPY - Japanese yen;

• CNY - Chinese yuan;

• RUB — Russian ruble.

• UZS - Uzbek sum.

* Commission for Forex transactions is not charged.

* Consulting support to clients.

Conversion and banknote operations with foreign currency

NBU JSC provides the following services for foreign currency transactions:

• Transactions with banknotes (for banks);purchase and sale of cash foreign currency using non-cash foreign currency;

• Sale of new banknotes in the package of the American emitting bank;

• "fit/fit" - purchase and sale of previously used banknotes.

• The commission amount depends on the volume and specific conditions of the transaction.

NBU JSC enters into transactions through the communication means of global data providers and financial market infrastructures, including:

• Refinitiv FXall (Reuters)

• Bloomberg Professional

• BierbaumPro

• FX Milliy Terminal

The specific feature of NBU dealing department is that transactions are carried out only with professional participants in the financial market.

• FX Milliy Terminal (BierbaumPro) is a Forex trading software for bank clients. Our terminal is easy to use, reliable and has all the necessary functions for market analysis and transactions.

* BierbaumPro is a service provider for NBU JSC.

Securities Brokerage

Security brokerage is the process of buying and selling securities in the financial markets for the account of investors on their orders. This process is a key element in investing, allowing investors to buy and sell stocks, bonds, funds and other instruments in the stock market.

Custodian Services

Custodian services are services that custody and manage clients' assets, such as securities and other financial instruments. Custodians provide clients with safe custody and accessibility of their assets, process settlement and transfer transactions, and may also manage the client's portfolio.



  • Forward

  • Repo

  • Swap

  • Option

A derivative instrument (derivative) - is a contract whose price and the nature of the obligations are closely related to the value of the underlying asset. Derivatives are contracts and describe the parties' commitments to meet specific conditions relating to the transfer of the underlying asset.

There are two main types of derivatives:

  • Term liabilities (eg futures);

  • Contingent liabilities (eg options)

The value of a derivative instrument indirectly depends on fluctuations in the price of the underlying asset. Derivatives are commonly used to hedge open positions, reduce the impact of price fluctuations, and for speculation.

Forward contracts

The OTC version of a futures contract is a forward contract. They are not traded on an exchange; their terms are determined by the parties to the agreement.

Interest rate swaps are derivative contracts between two parties, often between a bank and a company. Both parties create conditions that are not with

REPO contracts

A REPO contract (from the English repurchase agreement) is an agreement between two parties, according to which the seller undertakes to sell a certain asset to the buyer, and the buyer undertakes to resell the same asset back to the seller at a higher price at a certain period in the future. Repo contracts are widely used in the financial sector, especially in the debt securities market, and are an important tool for managing liquidity and risk.

SWAP contracts

SWAP contracts (swap means exchange, translation from English) are financial instruments that allow market participants to exchange payments associated with various financial instruments for a certain period of time.

The most common types of SWAP contracts are interest rate swaps and currency swaps.


An option is a contract that gives the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an asset (for example, currency, stocks, futures) at a predetermined price and time.

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