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Loans are provided for consumer needs, for the purchase of a car, for the purchase of housing in the primary market or for education.

Consumer Loan

Loans are provided for consumer needs in the following types of goods and services within the Republic of Uzbekistan

  • Loan term

    3 years

  • Grace period

    3 months

  • Loan Amount

    up to 44 mln sum

Education Loan

It is provided for the education of students in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan on a full-time and contract by contract basis

  • Loan term

    5 years

  • Loan Amount

    up to 30 mln sum

Mortgage loan

NBU's Mortgage Loan makes your dream of affordable housing come true!

  • Loan term

    15 years


Overdraft is provided to employees of enterprises and organizations serviced by the National Bank of Uzbekistan to salary plastic cards for personal needs

  • Loan term

    1 year

  • Grace period

    2 months

  • Loan Amount

    up to 50 mln sum

Credit without down payment

For the following goods manufactured in the Republic of Uzbekistan - purchase of office equipment and household appliances in retail outlets located in MEDIA PARK markets; purchase of doors and windows in AKFA, IMZO showrooms

  • Loan term

    2 years

  • Loan Amount

    up to 44.6 mln sum

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