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NBU Invest Group JSC

To implement the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. UP-4053 dated November 18, 2008 on Measures for Further Improving Financial Sustainability of Real Economy Enterprises and the Order of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. P-4010 dated November 19, 2008 on Approval of the Procedure of Sale of Economically Insolvent Companies to Commercial Banks, the National Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan established in 2009 NBUNBUInvest Group Investment Management Company in the form of Limited Liability Company.

Assets Management is the principal business of NBUNBUInvest Group. Industrial enterprises operational management is aimed at improving production efficiency and includes business planning, marketing, monitoring of enterprise business, management of market outlets and relations with suppliers, personnel management, cost and capability analysis. Participation in Investment Projects of the Uzbek National Bank. Our ultimate goal is to sell businesses to strategic investors.


T. Gazibekov


95, Ya. Gulyamov str., 100060, Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Asia-Invest Bank JSC

In 1996, the first joint Uzbek-Russian Bank – Asia-Invest Bank Joint-Stock Commercial Bank (Closed Joint-Stock Company) was established in Russia in accordance with the Intergovernmental Agreement between Russia and Uzbekistan on Basic Principles and Directions of Economic Cooperation for 1996-1997 to further develop progressive forms of national capital use in the financial and banking sector.


Usmonbekov S.A.


3/1, 2 Kazachiy pereulok, Moscow, 119180

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Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan

On the eve of the greatest and dearest holiday for the country, the Independence Day, the capital of Uzbekistan hosted the opening of a new unique cultural center - Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan.

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Nurullabay Historical Monument

The palace is located in Dishan-Kale - the outer city of Khiva and is famous for its magnificence, beauty and charm. The palace differs from other palaces built by other khans in different periods. During the reign of Muhammad Rahim Khan I, the old city (now Ichan-Kala) was already crowded due to the large number of houses built there and it was impossible to build large palaces with gardens there. So, Muhammad Rahim Khan I ordered to build for his sons Mahmud-tyurya and Muhammad-tyurya country palaces "howli" (made of rammed clay blocks) to the west of the city (Ichan-Kala) walls.

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