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The main aim of E-commerce is to assist to domestic manufacturer and sellers to sell their products on the Internet, including settlements using plastic cards of international payment systems.

Access to E-commerce by Trade and Service Enterprise (TSE) requires the following documents for Bank:

  • Application;
  • Copies of passports of Director and Chief Accountant;
  • The Bank will register the following:
  • Agreement and Appendices thereto;
  • Application for transit account opening.



International Documentary Transaction Department

+998 71 233-98-94
+998 71 233-47-16
+998 71 233-18-45

+998 71 233-58-68


Collaborative mechanism is as follows: а buyer comes to the online store, selects the product and places an order or makes a purchase. Then, there is the readdressing to the Bank's secure page, where a buyer can enter the card data and make a payment. After payment, a seller gets a reply about the status of payment:

  • payment was successful;

  • payment was not successful;

  • an error occurred during the payment.

Then, at the end of the working day, the collections for the current day transactions and all transactions are transferred to Visa Int./Master Card. A seller (TSE) receives the collected cash on the following day.

Instructions for connecting the online store to e-Commerce

To connect the online store to e-Commerce, the programmer of the online store will have to add a plug-in softwatre on his side (in the source code of the website), consisting of an algorithm for collecting an identification key for authorization. To make an identification and connect to the Bank's payment gateway, a seller will get a password, unique ID and merchant code.


When performing operations through e-Commerce, a seller must clearly define the risks that may arise during the transaction. Will a seller sell its goods and services only for cards using 3D Secure technology or not? If the card participates in the 3D Secure cycle, then the seller will not have any disputes both with the Bank and with payment systems. However, if the card does not participate in the 3D Secure cycle, then, if the threshold limits of compromised cards are exceeded for this seller, the payment system will include the bank-acquire to the monitoring program and to the brand protection program.

Information on connecting to e-Commerce in the National Bank

To connect this service to enterprises, organizations, individual entrepreneurs, it is required to perform the following actions:

The procedure for registration of an enterprise (seller) in the processing center of the National Bank for e-Commerce services on international Visa cards and payment procedure.

1. The company applies to the National Bank to conclude the Contract for e-Commerce services for the cards of international payment systems via the Internet.

2. The Bank sends the copy of contract concluded and required documents to the processing center of the National Bank.

3. The processing center opens a transit currency account for the enterprise and registers it. After registration, the processing center provides the enterprise with Merchant_ID and Terminal_ID, as well as instructions for connecting to the National Bank e-Commerce website plugin.

4. On its web-site, the enterprise creates section to receive payments via Visa/MasterCard and describes the procedure specifying that the web-site of the enterprise is redirected to the NBU website when entering the details of Visa / MasterCard cards by the payer. After payment, the payer returns to the web-site of the enterprise reflecting a message about the success / failure of the payment.

5. The bank transfers the proceeds of the enterprise to its foreign currency account. When transferring funds, a bank commission is charged according to the Commission fees for servicing legal entities and individuals, and as a result, the company receives revenue minus this commission.

6. The funds on the currency account shall be used in accordance with the currency control regulatory and legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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License of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 22 dated Dec. 25, 2022
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