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Trade Finance

Information on the conditions for the provision of funding to ensure the implementation of trade finance contracts
  • Requirements to borrowers

    Legal entity shall be the resident of the Republic of Uzbekistan, with good financial performance
  • Industry subject to financing

    No restrictions (any business not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan)
  • Purpose of funds

    Financing up to 100% of the value of a contract for the supply of goods and services from all over the world (excluding countries on the sanctions list)
  • Minimum and Maximum Amount Without restrictions, based on the financial performance of the Borrower and the implementation of the project

    Minimum and Maximum Amount Without restrictions, based on the financial performance of the Borrower and the implementation of the project
  • Currency of Credit

    Euros, US dollars and other freely convertible currencies
  • Amount available

    No restrictions
  • Financing schedule

    Up to 1 year
  • Annual percentage rate for financing

    Corresponding LIBOR + 2.0% -4% (approximate foreign bank margin) + NBU margin (individually for each transaction)
  • Grace period

    According to the business plan, but not more than 6 months
  • Payment form

    Letter of Credit
  • Borrower's share in the project

    At least 20% of the total project cost
  • List of countries where raw materials and other materials are purchased

    All countries of the world (excluding countries on the sanctions list)
  • Collateral requirements

    At least 125% of the funding amount
  • Eligible (Project) Regions

    All regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • List of required documents for obtaining financing

    In accordance with the Bank's Credit Policy
  • Other

    Each transaction shall be coordinated individually with foreign banks within 1-3 days
Letters of Credit
  • Documentary letter of credit is a promise of the Bank to pay the Beneficiary at the expense of its customer a certain amount in the agreed currency, if the seller (Beneficiary) submits within the prescribed time the documents that meet the conditions Letter of Credit and confirm the shipment of commodities (the provision of services).

Being a payment security instrument, a documentary letter of credit has its advantages
  • it is applicable as a security instrument in transactions to almost all countries of the world;

  • it is convenient for advance disposal of the amount due to the seller;

  • it is flexible in terms of payment being a reliable instrument;

  • it is suitable as a short-term financing facility;

  • quickly and easily makes a payment that allows the seller under certain circumstances to receive good discounts;

  • has international legal reliability.

Bank Guarantees
  • A guarantee is a written undertaking of the bank to pay the creditor (beneficiary) a guaranteed amount on receipt of a request in writing, which confirms that the debtor (principal) has failed to meet its liabilities under the terms and conditions of the guarantee that has been issued according to underlying contract between beneficiary and principal. Exercise of guarantees has international legal reliability as well.

Guarantee types
  • Applying for Guarantees is best when:

  • When there is lack of confidence in the solvency of your business partner, the payment guarantee is very useful tool;

  • When it is important to secure the proper performance of your undertakings to business partner, you can use the performance guarantee;

  • When you are not certain, whether the advance payment to the business partner will be utilized for designated purposes, you can exercise the advance payment refund guarantee;

  • When as a bidder (according to bid requirements) you are required to provide the owner of bid with bid bond (or bid guarantee) to assure that you have the financial means to accept the job for the price quoted in the bid.

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