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Uzbekistan, Russia Set to Reinforce Time-tested Partnership

05.06.2012 2218

      On the invitation of President Islam Karimov, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin was in Uzbekistan on official visit on June 4.
     The Uzbek and Russian leaders held a brief conversation at Tashkent airport.
     The current meeting of the heads of state has become a logical extension of regular bilateral contacts at the highest level.
     Built on mutual understanding and constructive disposition, the keen political dialogue has traditionally defined longer-term prospects and key aspects of bilateral interaction.
     The main part of Uzbek-Russian negotiations at the Kuksaroy country residence started with an official photo ceremony of the two leaders.
     Greeting cordially the high guest, the President of Uzbekistan stressed that the current summit presented a fine opportunity to address the whole gamut of bilateral ties and outline definite paths the sides are intent on moving forward with an eye to shared benefit.
     In modern-day relations between Uzbekistan and Russia, there is scarcely an issue or an insuperable obstacle that cannot be resolved. Effective mechanisms have been initiated for multilateral interaction on regional and international levels, as well as within the Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation.
     The Russian Federation is Uzbekistan’s important economic partner, and trade relations between our two countries have been dynamic.
     The bilateral turnover reached 6.7 billion US dollars in 2011, a 9 percent growth from that of the year before.
During the talks at the Kuksaroy, the heads of the two states expressed interest in cardinal diversification of bilateral trade and expansion of facets within investment cooperation.
     Old and robust cultural and humanitarian bonds linking our two peoples have traditionally been a vital component of bilateral cooperation. Interaction in education sector, for example, is being attached a particular significance.      Today, branches of Russia’s three leading higher education institutions are operating successfully in Tashkent.
The two sides exchanged views on pressing issues in regional and international politics of shared interest. Current developments and potential turn of events in Afghanistan became a central topic of discussion at the Kuksaroy. It was noted in particular that the establishment of peace in that country and its socio-economic rebirth would facilitate consolidation of security and stability in the region.
     Following the negotiations, the parties adopted the Declaration on Enhancement of Strategic Partnership between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation, which defines prospective aspects of interaction at a new stage.
     The Declaration constitutes a consistent and steadfast chapter in the process of advancing Uzbek-Russian comprehensive cooperation, another testimony to its rigid and systematic expansion.
     Also, the two sides signed Memorandum on Understanding between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation for further joint action toward Uzbekistan’s accession to the Agreement on Free Trade Area signed on October 18, 2011.
     The detailed and comprehensive talks during President Vladimir Putin’s official visit to Uzbekistan took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere, and the deals reached are suggestive of the reciprocal interest in bolstering the mutually advantageous cooperation tested by time and raising it to a qualitatively new level for the good and in the interests of our two nations.

UzA,  5 June 2012



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