Trade secret protection requires common legal approaches


UzReport 17.01.2014

     On January 16, meeting of the plenary session of the Legislative Chamber the deputies discussed in the first reading the draft law "On Trade secrets".
     Noted that this document is directly related to trades’ rights and protection of their property and personal non-property interests by means of preventing unauthorized access to information that constitutes a trade or other secret.
     Providing legislative regulation of classifying information in the category of trade secrets, its systematization and provision is the main purpose of this draft.
     At present, legal norms on confidential information, trade secret, and others types of secrets are present in 40 codes and laws, 35 decrees and government resolutions, there are provisions that address the concept of trade secret.
- In particular, these issues are regulated in Articles 98, 1095, 1096 and 1097 of the Civil Code. However, consistent rise in the competitiveness of the economy raised the issues of common legal approaches to maintain protection of trade information, its clear reflection in legislation. This document fills these gaps, - said the deputy of the Legislative Chamber Nuriddin Muradov.
     The draft endeavors to eliminate obsolete provisions and limit the number of reference norms to current legislation.      Expanded content of the draft increases its accessibility and clear understanding for businesses, government and law enforcement bodies. In particular , the draft specifies and details the wording that clarify the objectives of the law, defines the terms "trade secret" and "confidential information", "owner" and "confidant", "trade secret regime" and "protection of trade secrets", "transfer of trade secrets", "access to trade secrets "and "admission to a trade secret".
     Deputies noted that adoption of the draft would create a system of measures to protect and defend the rights of the owners of trade secrets through effective legal, including civil regulation of these relations. After a comprehensive study the deputies supported the draft law "On Trade Secrets".

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