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The National Bank's loan portfolio amounted to 6.2 trillion soums

08.11.2013 1725

UzReport 07.11.2013

     The National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of Uzbekistan (NBU) has summarized the results of operations for the 3rd quarter of 2013. The Head of planning and analysis of the loan portfolio of the Credit Department of the National Bank Ozodjon Sagdiev spoke to UzReport on results of lending activities.
     - In his speeches, the President of Uzbekistan has repeatedly drawn attention to the necessity to expand the activities of banks to attract investment, both into large-scale production, and small business and private entrepreneurship. The National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan has made significant efforts to attain these objectives. As a result, high-tech production lines have been created, competitive products are being manufactured. Progressive changes are observed not only in the structure of the production, but also in the export nomenclature. First of all, the supply of finished products to the world market has increased. At the same time, the unemployment rate has decreased” - he said.
     Ozodjon Sagdiev repeatedly noted that at present, thousands of people have opportunity to start their business through loans by the National Bank. In the NBU’s lending policy the priority is given to the businesses engaged in the creation of new production lines for the manufacture of products for the domestic market.
     When granting loans, the priority is given to projects that use the rich potential of the country, in particular, agricultural, food, building materials production, such factors as economic viability and regional needs are also taken into account.
     - It is crucial, that the purchased high-tech equipment could allow to manufacture high-quality products that are competitive both in the domestic and foreign markets - said Ozodjon Sagdiev.
     To achieve these tasks, the Bank uses not only its own capacities, but also attracts funds from international financial institutions, in particular, it is planned to finance projects through credit lines from such foreign banks as the China Development Bank (CDB), Eximbank Korea, Landesbank Berlin, as well as other banking and financial institutions.
     - “If businesses wish to purchase equipment from abroad, they can get a loan from the bank's own funds. The interest rate of such loans ranges from 6% to 12%. Terms of the loan, depending on the payback, are from 3 to 10 years” - said Ozodjon Sagdiev.
     The National Bank’s microloans, directed to the development of manufacturing, services and construction, are in high demand among entrepreneurs.
     NBU loans are also allocated for the development of services sector, including health care, and many others. In addition, thanks to the bank’s money injections, family businesses are booming, the standards of living of the population are improving, especially in remote areas.
     -“Branches of National Bank accept applications for loans through credit lines of a number of foreign banks. For greater public awareness in each division and branch of the NBU, the "corners of entrepreneurs" have been created, where guests can get detailed information on all credit lines and stages of loan processing” - concluded Ozodjon Sagdiev.
     It should be noted that, as of October 1, 2013, the loan portfolio of the National Bank of Uzbekistan made up 6.2 trillion soums, of which loans in foreign currency - 4.9 trillion soums (79%), and in the national currency - 1.3 trillion soums (21%).
     However, the amount of funded projects directed to support small businesses and private entrepreneurs through the credit line of China Development Bank was $5.14 million, Korean Eximbank - $12.21 million.
     Thus, in accordance with the State Program "Year of well-being and prosperity", one of the main objectives of which is to further develop small businesses, entrepreneurship and to create new jobs, the National Bank of Uzbekistan and other banks in the country play a crucial role in financial assistance to businesses, which, in turn, affects the pace and quality of development of the various sectors of the economy of Uzbekistan.


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