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The 6th meeting of the Asian Forum of Solar Energy being held in Uzbekistan

24.11.2013 2014

On November 22, in the Palace of symposia in Tashkent started the sixth meeting of the Asian Forum for solar energy.

Holding of this event was announced in the framework of the ADB initiative on development of the solar energy in the Asian region, which was launched at the annual meeting of the Board of Governors in May 2010 in Tashkent.

This meeting of the Asian Forum of solar energy is attended by about 300 representatives of governments, international financial institutions, manufacturers, scientific and research centers, experts and specialists in solar energy from Asia, Europe, North and South America.

The President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov made a speech at the opening of the sixth meeting of the Asian Forum of solar energy.

Large scale reforms carried out in our country since the early days of independence are directed to build a democratic constitutional state with a sustainably developing market economy. The "Uzbek model" of development, elaborated by President Islam Karimov, is recognized worldwide, serve as the solid foundation of this work. Its main purpose is to create a strong national economy, increase its competitiveness by ensuring the accelerated development of new high-tech enterprises and industries, the introduction of modern technologies and production methods that reduce finished products manufacture resource costs. In this regard, one of the major tasks is the development of the fuel and energy complex, through introduction of new resource-saving technologies. The achievement of full energy independence in our country speaks of the effectiveness of this work.

The Asian Development Bank Chairman, Takehiko Nakao said in his speech that Uzbekistan has large land resources, lots of sunshine and highly skilled and educated human resources necessary for the emergence of the country as a major player in the development of solar energy in the Central Asian region. Therefore, one of the most promising areas of bilateral cooperation is the implementation of projects for the development of solar energy.

Sufficient experience has been accumulated on the use of alternative energy sources since gaining independence, especially solar, since there are more than 320 sunny days a year, and annual solar energy potential exceeds 51 billion tons of oil equivalent. This allows using the sun's energy on the broadest scale and a variety of purposes - to generate electricity, water supply and heating, desalination and water recovery from wells, drying fruits and vegetables, and more.

The multidisciplinary scientific experimental and material-technical basis necessary for in-depth development and practical use of solar energy and biogas is operating effectively. Scientific schools have been established under the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of theoretical foundations and development of semiconductor solar energy photo converters, multi purpose bioenergy sources, designing of combined gelio-technical plants independent power supplies, science of high temperature gelio-materials. 

The resolution of the President "On the priorities of industrial development of Uzbekistan in 2011-2015" dated December 15, 2010 served as an important legal basis for enhancing research and development activities in renewable energy sources, which defines the basic tasks of further extending structural reforms in various industries, including the energy sector.

Elaboration and implementation of measures to accelerate introduction of energy saving systems, the widespread use and development of alternative energy sources are envisaged by the State Program of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Year of wellbeing and prosperity", as well as the Presidential Decree "On measures for further development of alternative energy sources" dated March 1, 2013. These and other policy documents serve as a "road map" for solving a number of issues arising in the field of energy, opening new opportunities for wider use of alternative energy resources, including solar energy, industrial production of related equipment, components and spare parts for solar panels.

At present, Uzbekistan has a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers of solar power systems. Among them – SPC Fizika-Solnce, SC Eco Energia, Mir Solar Ltd. and others. Their products are applied in various industries. Great attention is paid to introduction of solar energy elements in housing and utilities services. In particular, hybrid systems operating on solar and wind energy have been installed in some of the rural houses on modern design. In the near future general and vocational schools located in remote areas of the country will also be equipped with solar elements.

The participants of the Sixth Meeting of the Asian Forum of solar energy, who visited Samarkand region to get acquainted with the project of solar photovoltaic power plant of 100 MW, also pronounced on the efficiency of solar energy technologies. They appraised the existing potential, the latest achievements of Uzbek scientists in the development of alternative energy sources, and also emphasized the effectiveness of cooperation of Uzbekistan with foreign partners.

First Deputy Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy of the Republic of Korea, Han Jin Hyun said that South Korea is involved in major investment projects and programs carried out in Uzbekistan , such as construction of Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex at Surgil deposit and development of “Navoi” SIEZ. Given the large potential of Uzbekistan in alternative energy sources, there is a platform for the implementation of joint projects for the development of solar energy, including the construction of solar power plants.

The developments of the Physico-Technical Institute of the SPC Fizika-Solnce under the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan aroused interest among the scientists, where researches on solid-state theory, high energy physics and semiconductors, solar energy conversion are conducted. In line with the Presidential Decree "On establishment of the International Institute for Solar Energy" dated March 1, 2013 International Institute for Solar Energy has been established on the basis of the SPC Fizika-Solnce in partnership with ADB and other international financial institutions. The main areas of activity are to carry out high-tech R&D in industrial use of solar energy, to develop proposals of its practical use in various sectors of the economy and the social sector on the basis of effective technologies. Other tasks of the Institute include applied research related to the use of solar energy in various industries, including technologies for the synthesis of special materials and heat treatment, and coordination of works on the development of documentation for major projects in solar energy.

Great interest of the meeting participants was drawn to achievements of our scientists in high-temperature materials science. Experts visited Solnce facilities with its big solar oven 1 MW heatin power Parkent district of Tashkent region. The SPC Fizika-Solnce complex allows multipurpose observations of the Sun, to carry out theoretical and experimental studies .

- Uzbekistan has great potential in the use of solar energy - said the president of Brandenburg Institute, Professor Edgar Klose (Germany). - Your country has the technological base, allowing to carry out research and to develop advanced solar energy using systems. We are able to witness that visiting the SPC Fizika-Solnce, with whom we have established close cooperation. Together with Uzbek colleagues, we develop new technologies in the field of renewable energies with their further spread in other countries.

In the plenary meetings International experts talked about the prospects of  development of solar power engineering and the latest trends in technology development. Reports were made by Professor of University of Seville (Spain) Eduardo Galvan on "Trends in the development of photovoltaic technology, integration issues and challenges", the managing director of the European Association Marcel Biala (Belgium): "Solar thermal energy: concentrated solar power - the right choice for politicians," the CEO of Solar Technology Advisors, Jorge Serverta (Spain):"Solar energy development roadmap for Uzbekistan," manager of strategy, promotion and business development of Alstom, Paolo Montresor (Switzerland): " Cost value of electricity Solar Energy" and others.

Speaking at the plenary session of the Asian Forum of solar energy, the director of the International Institute for Solar Energy, Alim Hakimov, vice-president of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan Sagdulla Lutpullaev and others emphasized the great achievements and uniqueness of developments of Uzbek scientists in the development of alternative energy sources, particularly solar.

Work of the sixth meeting of the Asian Forum of solar energy will continue its work in sessions.


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