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Number of Women Entrepreneurs Increasing

      As a result of special attention being paid in Uzbekistan to support small business and private entrepreneurship, share of this sector in the GDP is growing increasingly.
     It is noteworthy that the ranks of women entrepreneurs are spreading in the private sector.
     Nazira Mirzayeva living in Tuyalas mahalla of Jalakuduk district, Andijan region also profited by the wide opportunities created for business women and opened up the textile company “Joni textile savdo”. Preferential loans of Microcreditbank helped her in purchase of modern sewing equipments.
     The company, which employs 16 women, produces 20 kinds of knitted goods. According to the company director N.Mirzayeva, the number of employees will be increased soon. The enterprise entered into employment agreements with four graduates of Agricultural Professional College of Jalakuduk who have exemplary undergone practical training in the venture.

UzA, 8 June 2012


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