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Food production in Uzbekistan increase by 9.3%

As a result of policy measures to further develop the industry and stimulate domestic demand, food production in Uzbekistan increased by 9.3% in the 1st half of this year.

In particular, as reported by the State Statistics Committee of the republic, the measures taken to improve the competitiveness of the food processing industry contributed to the increase in production of butter 4.5-fold, canned meat - 1.6-fold, canned fruits and vegetables - 1.4-fold, canned fish - 1.3-fold, non-alcoholic beverages - 1.3-fold compared with the first half of last year.

Also increased production of powdered infant formula for infant feeding (109.9%), sugar (107%), salt (103.4%), carbonated water (101.3%), wine grapes (117%), vodka and other alcoholic beverages (105.4%).

A significant increase in food production also provided significant growth in exports of processed products of fruits and vegetables by 6.3%, alcoholic and soft drinks - by 76.3%.



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