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A Contest for Businesspeople

     The national show contest Tashabbus-2014 (Initiative) for the prize of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan has been in full swing across the country in the form of regional rounds of the competition. Thirty five entrepreneurs, farmers and craftspeople presented their products at the Namangan regional round.
     In excess of 12 thousand 200 small business entities operate currently in the province. 1 thousand 140 small businesses were founded in 2013, and nearly 33 thousand new jobs were created.
     “Inspired by the special attention being paid under the leadership of President Islam Karimov to the development of folk crafts, we have started a family business of our own,” the craftswoman Robiya Bozorova has said. “We produce national dolls and modern children’s furniture. Such show contests play an important role in defining the prospects for family business. At this exhibition we have received an order for the manufacture of more than two thousand dolls.”
     The chief executive officer of the Iftikhor Kiyim Sanoat Ltd. in the city of Namangan, Anna Dobrykh, was announced winner in the nomination “The Best Entrepreneur”, the head of the farming enterprise Fayz in the Pap district Tolibjon Abboskhonov was named triumphant in the nomination “The Best Farmer”, while the Namangan-based artisan Latifjon Ahmadjonov came first in the category “The Best Craftsman”. All three victors thus booked ticket for the national round of the contest.
     The hokim (governor) of Namangan region B.Yusupov delivered a keynote speech at the occasion.

UzA,  18 March 2014

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