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On construction of standard houses in the Republic of Uzbekistan directed 450 billion soums

12.06.2013 1457

    In a current year in Uzbekistan is being planned to build 10 thousand of comfortable individual houses on modern projects on the territory of 353 rural areas. For implementation of this programme costing 1.4 trillion soums, providing the improvement of living conditions of the rural population and advancing of the life quality, mobilized leading banks of the country – “Qishloq qurilish bank”, “Ipoteka bank” and the National bank of foreign economic activity. By these financial organizations for the past five months have been allocated credit funds in amount of 450 billion soums.
    This was said at the press-conference held in Tashkent on the theme “Organization and expanding of the construction of living houses in rural area on modern projects”, organized by the Central bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan and “Qishloq qurilish bank”.
    Implementing of the root reforms and changes in agriculture, introduction of  market relations and private property in rural areas, development of modern engineering-communal, social and market infrastructure, increase of incomes, the level and quality of rural population are the most important directions and tasks of the socio-economical development and modernization of our country, noted in the event.
    In regards of  short terms was formed specialized  project-research institute “Qishloq qurilish loyiha”, processing modern projects of living houses and  social objects on a high quality and in term “under key”, Qishloq qurilish bank”, engaged with financing of the construction works, presenting credit funds to enterprises, producing construction materials and construction, also allocating mortgage loans to the public. Introduced new industrial capacities, created wide preferentials and benefits.
    The main target of individual living construction on the basis of the modern projects programme is complete advancing of system organization of architectural planning of agricultural located points and projecting of agricultural construction, a high quality improvement of rural area view and living conditions of rural public, further development of industrial and social infrastructure in the rural area.
    Noteworthy, that, those who are willing to obtain an individual house, choose a model project, contribute to the bank's their own funds as a down payment of 25 percent of the home value and given preferential mortgage loan on favorable terms - a 15-year period, with annual debt repayment at a preferential interest rate of 7 percent per annual, that is below the rate of the Central Bank, established at the level of 12 percent per annual.
    These are not an end of measures, ensuring comprehensive welfare of citizens. The program launched last year, "Young families - house" will be continued this year as well. In particular, by the end of this year in the regions will be built on bank loans of 105 multi-family homes, followed by the sale of mortgage loans.
    The construction of housing estates in the countryside is based on developed and approved by the builders of model projects simultaneously in conjunction with the construction of facilities of engineering and communication, social and market infrastructure. New modern village are ensured with smooth roads, water and sewerage, gas and electricity. Constructed small businesses and retail service sales, service facilities according to the "Husar". Allocated loans of the commercial banks or these projects serve to the service development and retail industries in rural areas, improvement of the village, the creation of new jobs. Since the beginning of the current year for this purposes, banks directed investments in total of 315 billion soums.
    Current conditions set new standards of rural family life. As of June 1, the amount of allocated consumer bank loans to purchase domestic durable goods composed 13.1 billion soums.
    The strategy of integrated rural development is important because it is implemented in parallel with large-scale programs aimed at increasing production capacity, modernization of economic and social infrastructure, as well as more effective use of resources and the countryside. Investments made in the village, in turn, provide impetus for the development of small businesses. Over the last five months of 2013, the volume of commercial bank loans allocated to the development of family and women's entrepreneurship and craftsmanship has made more than 302 billion soums.
    In addition, that as a result of the global financial and economic crisis, social protection of population in some countries remains difficult, at the same time, Uzbekistan significantly directed to the improvement of living standards of the population, indicating on the economic power and the high creative potential of our country.

UzReport 12.06.2013


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