In 9 months of 2013, exports of UzbekEnergo amounted to $54.8 mln


At the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis was held the regular meeting SDPU Adolat.

It heard the report of UzbekEnergo “On the implementation of the action plan for a fundamental modernization of the energy sector and to improve its energy efficiency and uninterrupted supply of electricity to all regions of the country".

The Deputy Chairman of the Board of UzbekEnergo, Muzaffar Hakimov made a report on this issue.

It is noteworthy that in the last decade, issues of resource saving has become highly relevant, energy saving even more. This is due to the fact that energy consumption increases much faster than its output. In this regard, the introduction of new technologies and innovations in the field of energy production and consumption is of special significance.

As was mentioned at the meeting, the party's program focuses on the saving of the traditional energy sources, the development of mechanisms for the use of alternative energy sources in order to reduce production costs, adoption and implementation of existing alternative sources of energy, creation of a competitive environment in the electricity market.

During the parliamentary hearings, special attention was paid to solution of the priority tasks of UzbekEnergo in this direction.

Uzbekistan was one of the first among the CIS countries to adopt the Law "On rational use of energy". In addition, over the past period, a series of legal documents relating to the energy sector have been developed, including the Law "On Electric Power Industry", which regulates the relationship between central and local governments, consumers, and companies of the industry, involved in with the production, supply and sale of electricity, the use of electricity and thermal energy.

Thanks to the measures in this direction, at present, the capacities of the energy system are sufficient for the implementation of various socio-economic programs.

It must be emphasized that UzbekEnergo is carrying out works on technical upgrading and improving the efficiency of the industry and uninterrupted supply of electricity to the population. In particular, in 9 months of 2013, 32.3 billion kW/h of electricity was supplied to local consumers. Thermal energy output - in the volume of 5.7 million Gcal. During the reporting period, goods and services exports amounted to $54,814.6 thousand. Electricity for $53,140.3 thousand was supplied to Afghanistan, and also construction of seven objects was completed.

It also heard the suggestions and recommendations to address the existing problems. It was noted that the experts of UzbekEnergo in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan developed the Conceptual regulations and directions of development of renewable energy sources to produce electricity and thermal energy in Uzbekistan for the long term. At present, the draft law "On alternative sources of energy" is being elaborated.

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