Business Forum of Entrepreneurs Took Place in Termez


      A business forum of entrepreneurs was held in Termez by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan in cooperation with Surkhandarya regional hokimiyat.
     The event was attended by the representatives of local enterprises for the supply of production equipment, heads of inspection of the business entities registration of city and district hokimiyats, managers of information-consulting and business centers, as well as the entrepreneurs.
     There are more than 25,000 entrepreneurship subjects in Surkhandarya region.
     As a result of an extensive work conducted in the country on the progressive development and support of the private sector, new enterprises equipped with modern equipments and technologies are being built in the region.
     Last year, in the framework of Investment Program, new projects in a number of industries as 146 in food, 31 – non-food, 70 – building and 73 – in the sphere of consumer services have been implemented.
     The work in this direction is continuing. In the first quarter of this year, loans worth over 53 billion 863 million soums were issued by the subjects of small businesses and private entrepreneurship banks.
     In the framework of the event, a presentation of the Uzbek-Chinese trading house, the companies of Uzbeklizing as well as domestic companies for the supply of production equipments like LLC “Yilistar”, “Chagatay invest”, “Viniks” and exhibition of catalogs of their equipments and technologies took place.

UzA,  22 May 2012


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