UzTadbirkorEksport opens Trading House in Riga


     UzTadbirkorEksport (Company specializing in foreign trade) opened its trading house in the Latvian capital Riga.
     The new Trading house will assist domestic farmers and entrepreneurs in exporting their products to the Baltic countries and Europe. Preparations for export of seasonal fruits are currently underway. It is planned to export products worth $1 million through the new Trading House
     Note that UzTadbirkorEksport was established by the Presidential decree dated 24 August 2011 "On additional measures to create the most favorable business environment for further development of small business and entrepreneurship".
     The main objectives of UzTadbirkorEksport are:

  • assistance to small businesses and entrepreneurs for sale of their products on direct export contracts, as well as through trading houses established abroad;
  • arranging pre-export financing against existing export contracts of products of small business and entrepreneurs;
  • supply on orders of small businesses and entrepreneurs of processing technologies, spare parts, components and raw materials not manufactured in the country;
  • assistance to small businesses in certification of export products, holding promotional activities , organizing and participating in international fairs and exhibitions, providing information and consulting small business and entrepreneurs.
UzReport 30.04.2014

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