Uzbekistan's chemical industry output at 439.3 billion soums in 2014 Q1


     At present, Uzbekistan’s chemical industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. It manufactures such chemical products as nitrogen, phosphate and potash fertilizers, soda ash, acetic acid, sodium chlorate, sodium cyanide, nitric acid and others cover domestic demand and partly the Central Asian markets.
     According to UzKimyoSanoat, in 2014 Q1 the company enterprises manufactured goods worth 439.3 billion soums (in current prices), at 100.2% compared to 2013. Consumer goods manufacture amounted to 44.0 billion soums.
     In addition, 254.38 tons of fertilizers were manufactured, including:
     - Nitrogen fertilizers - 196.3 thousand tons;
     - Phosphate fertilizers - 36.42 thousand tons;
     - Potash fertilizers - 21.66 thousand tons.
     Goods worth 32.7 billion soums were manufactured in January-March 2014, within the Localization Program with forecast at 5.7 billion soums.
     As part of investment projects included in the Investment Program, the UzKimyoSanoat enterprises drew $18.24 million of investments.
     Products worth 40 billion soums were sold on contracts signed at International Industrial Fair in Tashkent.
     90 new jobs, including 24 from home were created in 2014 Q1, according to the press service of UzKimyoSanoat.
     In January-March 2014 territorial branches of QishloqHujalikKimyo (company within UzKimyoSanoat for agriculture supplies) rendered agrochemical services worth 6.1 billion soums. In particular, 25.6 thousand tons of compost (mixture of organic and mineral fertilizers) worth 264.3 million soums were manufactured and sold, 130.1 thousand tons of organic and 143.3 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers were supplied to farms.
     Holding significant competitive advantage in the manufacture of chemical products, through the huge natural resources potential, strong technological base and skilled labour, the industry continues to develop, making Uzbekistan one of the active participants in the global chemical products market.

UzReport 18.04.2014

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