Uzbekistan has started the II Phase of the project 'Improving energy efficiency of industrial enterprises', funded by the World Bank



In Tashkent has been held a presentation of results of the Branch of economic research on development of strategies to improve energy efficiency of industrial enterprises in Uzbekistan, and was announced about the start of the second phase of the project "Increasing energy efficiency of industrial enterprises".

Participants noted that Uzbek government attaches great importance to the reduction of energy intensity of industry. The country has implemented strategy of industrial growth and export-oriented development, within which has been provided a large-scale program of modernization of industry, aimed at increasing its share in GDP to 28% by 2015.

- In 2010, Government of Uzbekistan and the World Bank signed a loan agreement worth $ 25 million for the project "Improving energy efficiency of industrial enterprises." The aim of the project is to improve energy efficiency of industrial enterprises through development and implementation of mechanism of financing of investments in energy efficiency. On July 18, this year, signing of additional funding for this project, the equivalent of $100 million - said energy specialist of the World Bank, Iskander Buranov.

In addition, during event also hosted a seminar which was presented to "Guide to the strategic development of energy efficiency in the industry of Uzbekistan", prepared by consulting company «Econoler International Inc». With financial support from ESMAP (Management Assistance Program of the energy sector) under the World Bank-funded project "Improving energy efficiency of industrial enterprises".

Seminar was attended by experts from the Ministry of Economy, regulators Uzneftegazinspektsii, Uzgosenergonadzor, heads of industrial enterprises and associations, teachers, Tashkent State Technical University,  specialists of commercial banks, which are  financial intermediaries of the project, non-governmental organizations such as the Association of alternative sources of fuel and energy and other .

Seminar participants reviewed   results of a survey of industrial enterprises conducted to determine potential of energy saving, discussed key issues of energy efficiency of industrial production, familiar with international experience and measures taken in this field. The project staff and representatives of "Asaka" bank, "Hamkorbank" and "Uzpromstroybank" spoke about aims, objectives of the project and its first results.

At the end of   the seminar was held a round table, where were discussed prospects and conduction of further measures to improve energy efficiency of industrial enterprises in Uzbekistan.



UzReport 01.08.2013


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