Trades and enterprises in Uzbekistan to reduce production costs by an average of 10%


UzReport 13.01.2014

     Additional measures are taken In Uzbekistan to reduce production and other costs in the industry.
     On 8 January this year, President of Uzbekistan signed corresponding Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers.
     The document is aimed at further enhancing the competitiveness of domestic products, to increase volumes of their production and sales in domestic and foreign markets, thereby ensuring sustainable development of the industry and growth of export potential.
     The Resolution states that trades and large enterprises together with the Ministries of Economy and Finances of Uzbekistan have developed comprehensive measures aimed at reducing production and other costs of products in 2014, primarily through:
- reduction of energy consumption and improving of energy efficiency of production;
- rationalization of production processes and raw material consumption norms, operational and non-production costs through introduction of information and communication technologies;
- productivity growth, optimizing of the number of managerial and industrial personnel, and other factors.
     As a result, it is planned that reduction of production and other costs in trades and large enterprises of Uzbekistan to hit an average of 10%, including 8.3% - through reduction of production costs.
     In particular, it is planned that trades and enterprises of the Complex of culture, education, health and social protection, and the Complex of information systems and telecommunications will reduce costs by an average of 11.5%.
     Reduction of production and other costs at trades and enterprises of the Complex on geology, energy, chemical and petrochemical industries is scheduled at average of 10.5%, of the Complex on utilities sector, transport, construction and building industry - 10.1%.
     Average percentage of cost reduction at trades and enterprises of the Complex on agriculture and water resources, processing of agricultural products and consumer goods to make up 9.8%, of the Complex of machinery development, electrotechnical and aviation industries, products standardization – 7-9%.
     Heads of ministries, agencies, joint stock companies, associations and other trades on the basis of parameters approved by this Resolution on reduction of costs are instructed within ten days to approve target parameters of production cost reduction in industrial enterprises in their structure.
     In addition, heads of the Cabinet of Ministers Complexes, ministries, agencies, joint stock companies, associations and other trades in the country shall carry out quarterly monitoring of the progress of the measures to reduce the cost of production in enterprises.

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