The number of mobile banking users within the next 4 years to reach 1.8 billion people


According to the survey of KPMG, within the next four years the number of mobile banking users worldwide will double and will reach 1.8 billion people.

At the same time, mobile banking will cover more than 25% of the world population. The study also revealed that currently the mobile channel is the most popular in the number of banking transactions.

Experts believe that the financial institutions that do not have a clear strategy for the development of mobile banking will lose customers and miss an opportunity to cross-sells. Furthermore, these banks could lose a competitive edge.

In order to use advantage surge of mobile banking, financial institutions should explore the potential of additional services. In addition, banks should offer personal support to its clients, as well as special features, including cloud storage.

Experts also believe that banks should invest in new mobile technologies, such as portable devices and extra reality, because the number of such devices in the markets is going up.

According to the British Bankers' Association, mobile banking is the most popular method of management of finances of users.



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