The deputies adopted the law 'On investment activity' in the new edition



On October 29, a regular session of the Legislative chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan was held.

After approval of the agenda proposed by Kenghash of the Legislative chamber, deputies considered a number of bills in the second reading, aimed at further improvement of the legal framework of reforms in various spheres of social life.

The meeting began with a discussion of the draft law "On investment activity” in the new edition, prepared in the framework of the Concept of further deepening of democratic reforms and formation of civil society in the country.

It aims to increase the participation of businesses and citizens in investment processes, creation of additional incentives and conditions for investment in modernization, technical and technological re-equipment and expansion of methods to motivate investment, protect the rights and property of investors. In general, the bill will be an important document to stimulate private investment, and will assist in implementing the state policy in the sphere of investments.

In preparing the draft law for the second reading, the working group has spent more than 10 events, during which the representatives of all factions of political parties and the Deputy group of the Ecological movement of Uzbekistan actively participated. They reviewed all the proposals from deputies, experts and scientists. According to the results of a comprehensive and itemized discussion, the Legislative chamber adopted the law, which will be forwarded to the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan.




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