NBU implements new projects on the improvement of information systems


The National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan has a well-designed, efficiently structured infrastructure which allows introducing new information technologies in accordance with international standards. The Department of Information Technology of the bank provides support to ongoing projects, as well as carries out work on new projects to improve the reliability and the further improvement of technical and technological infrastructure of the National Bank. Thus, the bank uses modern IT-tools to organize effective work as with customers of the bank, so within its structure as well.

The automated banking system allows to manage the resources of the bank, concentrating the financial resources in the proper areas, to efficiently manage the bank's divisions. The reliability of the main systems of the National Bank has been achieved through reservation on cluster-based solutions. This provides the functionality even in the case of failure of one or more servers.

At that, taking into account trends in the development of information technology in the world, experts of the bank implement new projects to improve the bank's information systems. In particular, since 2002, the National Bank cooperates with the company "Cisco Systems" - the world leader in the manufacture of telecommunications equipment for data networks.

It should be noted that in 2014, the bank's experts implemented projects for the development of information infrastructure, renewal of computer park, as well as implemented new developments, which allow to improve the customer service. Among them is the project for modernization of the data center, the implementation of which has improved fault tolerance of the information system and increases the performance of data processing.
It is worth to note, that the team comprised of highly qualified professional are well engaged in the proper operation of information systems, as well as implementation of new and more advanced information technology, which ensures high competitiveness of the bank.



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