Large investment project implemented at Tashkent TPC with the assistance of Japanese companies


Large investment project has been implemented at Tashkent Thermal Power Central (TPC) with the technical assistance from the Japanese New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), as well as practical help of staff of the Japanese Tohoku Electric Power to implement the 27.15 MW capacity Cogeneration Gas Turbine Technology, equipped with HRSG with production capacity of 47 tons per hour, reported Jahon with reference to Narodnoye Slovo newspaper.

For Uzbekistan such project of mastering the technology of joint production of electric and thermal energy is a novelty. This technology meets high international standards, which will improve the reliability of electricity supply in some districts of the capital, as well as provide annual savings of almost 40 million cubic meters of natural gas and reduce CO2 emissions by 49 tons per year.

The foreign experts praised the progress in implementing the model project in Uzbekistan, the quality of the organization of work at all stages of its implementation, as well as the intention to further implement joint investment projects and strengthen cooperation between Uzbek and Japanese companies.

Representatives of NEDO, Tohoku Electric Power and Hitachi, speaking about the professionalism of our specialists, noted that not all countries can master such modern technologies. Such co-operation with foreign partners, aimed at introducing modern technologies and equipment in energy production corresponded to the strategy and priorities for the development of the industry, set by the leadership of the country to strengthen the energy independence of Uzbekistan.

UzReport 10.04.2014

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