International remittances of NBU in the I half totaled to $ 29.9 million


The National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan provides to millions of its customers efficient and high-quality banking services, including remittance transfers. In particular, the bank offers its customers the possibility to carry out remittance transfers in foreign currency, using international systems of instant remittances. As of the end of the first half of this year, the volume of international remittances, made through the bank, amounted to 29.9 million dollars.

The National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan has been offering services for remittance transfers through international systems of financial transactions since 2002. Remittance services are available in all 95 branches of the bank. The clients can make transfers through the systems of “Aziya-Ekspress”, “Western Union”, “MoneyGram”, and “Zolotaya Korona”.

As of today, the National Bank of Uzbekistan conducts operations on remittance transfers in five foreign currencies: the dollar, the yens, the euros, the pounds, as well as in the roubles. In order to make a transfer, an account is opened, and a certain sum of money is paid in. If the remittance is made from the Russian Federation, the money received will be converted in any currency, as specified by the client, says Deputy Manager of the Central Operational Department of NBU Shakhzod Yusupov.

It is to be noted that “Aziya-Ekspress” — the system for international remittances — was devised by an ad hoc subsidiary of the National Bank of Uzbekistan, “Aziya-Invest bank”. This system was specifically designed to execute remittances from Uzbekistan to the Russian Federation, and vice versa. Since the very creation of the remittance service, more than 1 billion dollars have been transferred, with over 1.6 million operations executed. 



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