In 2014, Uzbekistan to allocate $580 million to assist the export-oriented enterprises


UzReport 17.01.2014

     In 2014 Uzbek Export Support Fund for small business and private entrepreneurs will allocate $580 million to assist 370 enterprises. About 140 of them will be engaged in export activities for the first time, reports Pravda Vostoka.
     The Fund will assist over 200 enterprises in preparation, registration and insurance of export contracts, and will provide to nearly 100 enterprises with market research papers.
     The Fund, on the basis of monitoring of over14 thousand small businesses and entrepreneurs in all regions of Uzbekistan, has established database of domestic export-oriented products and services in demand in foreign markets.
     Reference: The main objective of the Fund is to further expansion of export potential of this sector. The organization provides them with the necessary legal, financial and organizational assistance in increasing the production of modern, competitive on foreign markets and promoting its products for export, domestic entrepreneurs protects exporters against the risks of changes in external market conditions.

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