Foreign language proficiency level in Uzbekistan to be determined by national rating


UzReport 16.01.2014

     On December 31, 2013 was adopted the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers (№ 352) "On Approval of the Regulation on procedure for determining foreign language proficiency level and issuing of certificates".
     The Resolution has approved the Regulation "On Procedure for determining proficiency in a foreign language and issuing of certificates", as well as state sample of certificate of foreign language proficiency level.
     According to the Regulations, evaluation of foreign language proficiency level and issue of national certificate (hereinafter - Certificate) shall be a paid service and will be conducted by the State Testing Center under the Cabinet of Ministers. The fee is equivalent to 1.5 times the minimum wage at the time of test.
     The validity period of the Certificate is 3 years, and is issued to persons who get at least 60 percent of the maximum score.
     Foreign language level is determined by testing, which consists of the following sections:
a) listening;
b) reading;
c) lexical and grammatical competence;
d) writing;
e) speaking.
     In determining the foreign language proficiency level will be used indices: A2, A2+, B1, B1+ B2, C1. C1 being the highest score, accordingly A2 is minimal.
     List of applicants, dates and venue, as well as test results are published on the website ( of the State Testing Centre. Date of testing shall be published no later than one week prior to the test. Venue and date of test are defined by the State Testing Center.
     Those who obtain less than 60 percent of the maximum score can re-sit tests, but not earlier than one month from the date of publication of the results.
     An applicant, who does not agree with test results, has the right to appeal to the State Testing Center. The appeal is submitted in writing or electronically within five working days from the date of publication of the results of tests.
     Appeal shall be considered within two weeks. Applicant if he wishes so, may be present during appeal consideration by the Appeals Commission. Applicant will be notified of the decision of the Appeals Commission in writing.
     Applicant who has successfully passes test, within one week from the date of publication of the results shall be issued a Certificate.


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