Deutsche Bank specialists hold training programme for NBU employees


In accordance with the decree of the President “On measures for further expansion of economic cooperation between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Federal Republic of Germany” the capital city of Tashkent held a 5-day training programme for the employees of the National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

It should be noted that the training courses had been organised by the Fund for support of export of small business and private entrepreneurship in cooperation with the Association for Development of Business Logistics and one of the leading banks of Germany, Deutsche Bank.

The objective of the training programme was to teach the participants new financial implements, which might prove useful while rendering financial services related to export operations, in particular in pre-export financing of small business and private entrepreneurship.

The opening ceremony of the training courses saw such attendants as Djakhongir Mustafaev, the Director-General of the Fund, as well as Jed Masur, an Assistant to the Vice President of Deutsche Bank, and Ben Bruno, the Vice President of Deutsche Bank in New York.

Jed Masur introduced the employees of the National Bank to the objectives, the structure, and the activities of Deutsche Bank. The specialists further conducted lectures on introduction to corporate governance, financial reporting, financial benchmarking, corporate financing, and a number of other topics.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for myself and my colleague Jed Masur to be teaching here at the National Bank about particular subjects, like corporate governance and banking strategy. It’s important to note that Uzbekistan is the major trade partner of Germany in Central Asia, and such intitiatives help to boost further cooperation and foster economic relations,” says Ben Bruno, Vice President of Deutsche Bank in New York.

It should be noted that such training programmes, held in cooperation with leading commercial institutions from foreign countries, ultimately expand the skill-set of bank employees and contribute to the development of banking sector. 



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