Business entities of Uzbekistan can register cash registers online


A new service “Submission of electronic application for registration of cash registers with fiscal memory in the bodies of state tax service" has been launched on Single Portal of Interactive state services. Now, business entities may submit an electronic application for registration of cash registers directly from their offices.

The new service is available for business entities registered on a single portal. The relevant tax services specialists process the electronic applications and send a notice with results of verification.

The main advantage of the new procedure is the reduction of time costs for business entities. Moreover, the monitoring over acceptance of applications on the Single portal will ensure their timely processing.

At the same time, applicants have the opportunity to assess the quality of processing of applications and the work of relevant authorities.

Note that, the service is provided pursuant to the Presidential dated April 15, 2014 "On measures on further improvement of procedures related to business activities and the provision of public services".








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