80.8% of Uzbekistan's GDP produced in the private sector


According to official statistics, in the first half of 2014 major share of gross domestic product, which is 80,8% was produced in the private sector. Accordingly, 19.2% in the structure of GDP accounted for the public sector.


In the structure of private property in the period under consideration, the largest share was the property of citizens - 32.1%. The share of the property of business associations amounted to 28.8%, enterprises with participation of foreign capital - 4.4%, other types of private property - 3.3%, property of farms - 2.2%.

In the sectoral structure of GDP in the first half of 2014 production services occupied the major share of 52.7%. The production of goods amounted to 35.7%, and net taxes on products and export-import operations - 11.6%.
Recall that the volume of the gross domestic product of Uzbekistan in January-June of 2014, according to preliminary estimates, amounted to 61056.1 bln. soums in current prices, growth in comparison with January-June 2013 - 8.1%.








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