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Two young artists and "The Moment"

16.07.2019 1044

The National Bank's Gallery pays special attention to the artwork of young artists providing them with the opportunity to show their talent and know themselves. New trends, forms and materials mostly compliant with changing facts of life, reflecting the mainstream in world art practice, can stimulate self-expression of the developing generation of future masters in the republic, searches for new expressive means enabling more imaginative and capacious ideas that excite young people.

From June 16 to July 31, the Gallery provided its halls to two young artists Yokub Beknazarov and Sardor Erkinov. Every of them searches his own path and his place in art. Both artists turned to history: Yokub - to the history of mankind, Sardor - to the history of art.

A Biblical story about Adam and Eve attracted Yokub Beknazarov in a series of graphic works. His interpretation is far from narrative. He refers to a particular event in the heroes' life only through allusion. When shaping a storyline, the artist turned to oriental ornamentation: vegetable - islimi (element of art) and geometric - girih (element of art). Ornate patterns of islimi represent the female principle, the rigid geometric - the male principle. Coloristic solution in black and white focuses the viewer's attention on the story. 

The series of paintings “The Fruit of Love” is based on the theme of relationships between a man and a woman, i.e. love, expectation and hope. In fact, his paintings reflect the variability of life, like a patchwork. 

Yokub Beknazarov says about his work the following: "Every moment of our life is a new experience. We observe this world through a lens of our thinking, feelings and emotions. There are no styles or rules for the artistic work. In the past and present, and well into the future the Art is. For me, the Art is a moment, where I live now... Our lives are reflected in our works - love and passion, pain and suffering, beauty and delight, fear and anxiety, faith and hope ... ” In our opinion, this attitude clearly expresses the trends of young artist development, and says a lot about his soul - full of youthful thrill and search.

Sardor Erkinov approached the interpretation of his work in a completely different way. The artistic ideas of the XXth century became the expression means.

The series "Nothing changes" is based on the global fine arts masterworks. The great artists of the XXth century have already clearly and distinctly demonstrated their interpretation of global masterworks. The pop-art turns the works of great artists into something new. Having studied the ingenious creations of masters of past eras, analyzing his observations and reads, Sardor Erkinov understood a simple truth: nothing basically changes, the Humanity lives with the same passions and vices. After reinterpretation and processing, the artist tried to provide a new sound to world-famous works. His interpretation fills them with hope and love.

The exhibition also represents the series "You and Me", where the artist synthesized photography and painting. Sardor says about this series the following: “Photography is a moment that remained in the past. This is the moment of our life, the moment of reality that cannot be returned. Painting, whether it be realism, abstraction or hyperrealism, is already imagination. After all, the concept of painting is a dream created and embodied by the artuts. The combination of photo and painting is like a combination of living and nonliving, reality and sleep, infinite and small, everything that enables our imagination".

Sardor and Yokub are two close friends and two completely different artists. Each of them has own vision, understanding and interpretation.


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