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Travellers cheques

Опубликовано 26-01-2016 / Последнее изменение 26-01-2016


The National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan beginning from June, 1999 has become a leader among the banks of the Republic in realization of the «American Express» traveller's cheques that are the most popular throughout the world.

You can make payments with these cheques in hotels, shops and restraints. Cheques are widely accepted as a mean of payment for services. Cheques can be easily exchanged for cash money at any bank or exchange booths.

Buying the cheque you shall put your signature in the top left-hand corner and nobody but you can use this cheque. As these cheques are unlimited you can keep them till the next voyage, if you wish, without any problems!

Traveller's cheques are issued by the branches of the National Bank and in order to gain them you needn't to have a currency account: the cheques may be acquired spontaneous, just before your departure. Besides that, there at the branch you'll be provided with all necessary information on the procedure and peculiarities of the traveller's chaques use in the country you are leaving for and also you will be given with a permit for cheques' exportation through the custom border of Uzbekistan.

The cheques at the face value of US$ 50, US$ 100, US$ 500 and US$ 1000 are realized by the National Bank for FEA RUz.



«American Express» traveller's cheques' sales


«American Express» traveller's cheques purchase


Regulations on the use of the traveller's cheques

The Uniform Regulations on the use of the traveller's cheques and procedure of compensation for the stolen or lost traveller's cheques (This information is placed in English on the back of the sales ticket of each traveller's cheque):

– The first signature should be signed on the traveller's cheques at purchase in the obligatory presence of the officer selling the traveller's cheques. Non-observance of this item may bring up to the situation that the owner of the cheque will not manage to receive his money in case of loss or theft of the traveller's cheques.

– The second signature is put on the cheques at their use only (in obligatory presence of the officer accepting them for payment).

– It is binding to keep the traveller's cheques as carefully as the cash money and thoroughly prevent them from possible theft or lost.

– It is binding to keep the sales tickets separately from the traveller's cheques.

– It is not allowed to hand over the traveller's cheques for keeping to the third persons.

– In case of theft or loss of the traveller's cheques, the company-issuer should be urgently (within 24 hours) informed over the free compensation service's telephones and, if it is necessary, you should inform the criminal investigation department at place of your staying and commit to paper all circumstances of the event. It is necessary to indicate series and numbers of the stolen/lost traveller's cheques as well as the place and date of their purchase.

– Contact telephones of the Compensation Service are indicated on the back of the sales ticket kept by the client.

– In case of theft/loss of the traveller's cheques the owner of the traveller's cheques should fill in a special Declaration for getting a compensation and submit it to the company-issuer a receipt of selling received by him at the traveller's cheques' purchasing.

– In case of observance by the client of all the above mentioned items of the Regulations concerning keeping of the traveller's cheques the company-issuer shall pay off the compensation for the stolen/lost traveller's cheques. The exception is stipulated only for a case when the cheques were confiscated form the client by a decision of government, court, police, customs. In this case the compensation shall not be paid off.

– The company-issuer reserves the right to hold an inquiry into the concrete event of theft/loss of the traveller's cheques within the necessary period of time, if it is required by the circumstances of the investigated event. Moreover, the company shall not assume the material responsibility for expenses that the client could bear during the period of investigations for delay in compensation.

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