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Money Transfer

Опубликовано 11-11-2015 / Последнее изменение 24-02-2017

«Asia Express»

The Commercial Joint-Stock «Asia Invest Bank», affiliated to National Bank FEA RU and located in Russian Federation has developed a new system of money transfer for individuals — «Asia Express». The key direction is money transfers between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The commission payment for the money transfer performance by «Asia Transfer» System is 2% from the total amount of transfer regardless the home country of the transferor (Uzbekistan or Russia). The commission is subject to payment by the SENDER only.

Transfer geography:
The money transfers directed onto the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan by «Asia Express» System are carried out by the subsidiary network of the National Bank FEA RU.

Transfer speed:
From 2 up to 10 minutes.

Limitations on sums to transfer
From the Republic of Uzbekistan: The residents of Uzbekistan have a right to make transfers of up to 5 000 USD per diem. In case transfers are made in excess of 10 000 USD per annum, the transfer information is sent to the tax authorities at the place of residence of the sender. Non-residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan have a right to transfer unlimited amount of money if officially registered by the customs authorities document certifying the import of foreign currency and related reference of the authorized bank certifying earlier payments in foreign currency from the account are provided.

From the Russian Federation: The residents of Russia have a right to transfer up to 5 000 USD per diem.

Payments of transfers:
The money transfers are carried out only in USD. The payments are made in the client service offices of «Asia Express» System in cash in USD. With the will of the recipient the transfer of funds may be converted into Russian rubles or EURO (if available — in the affiliated branches of the National Bank FEA RU) according to recipient bank’s rates.

Return of the transfer or the receipt of unclaimed transfers:
If you have sent the money by «Asia Express» System and the transfer has not been accepted by the TRANSFEREE or you have changed your mind and want to have you money back, you would have to warn the service place which has accomplished the transfer. If the TRANSFEREE has not been paid with the sum, your money will be returned subject to reductions of commission payments (the commission for the performance of money transfer are exempt from any repayment).

Correlation with the clients:
The TRANSFEREE may claim money transfer sums in any service offices of the «Asia Express» System. For the receipt of money the TRANSFEREE has to present his/her passport and, to quote acknowledge the control number (code) of the sent transfer, which should be provided by the sender. The SENDER when making transfer, has to correctly identify the details of the transferee (name and surname) and provide him with the control code of the transfer.

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