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Project financing

Опубликовано 11-11-2015 / Последнее изменение 27-01-2016

The National bank fulfills project financing for financing the investment projects, providing construction new, modernization or technical reequipment (switching on purchase of the equipment, realization of construction and other work), and also purchase of a part of raw material and materials, necessary for maintenance of normal activity of objects of industrial purpose(assignment) and sphere of services.

To approval the projects, ensuring self-repayment, duly recurrentness of the credits and providing attraction on the basis of the acceptable prices and conditions of advanced technologies, equipment and qualified services are recommended.

The term of repayment of the credits, as a rule, is established a maximum in 5 years with addition of grace period, necessary for end of the project and a beginning of issue for production stipulated by the project. At presence of a corresponding source of credit resources (demand lines of credit of foreign banks, including the SMB line) credit comparable to terms, the credit can be given on the greater term.

As maintenance the bank can be accepted a pledge of property, guarantees of the third persons, guarantee of Government of Republic Uzbekistan, insurance organizations and banks and other kinds of maintenance, not forbidden by the legislation of Republic Uzbekistan.

It is necessary to note, that the credits are not given on the projects, which have in opinion of bank unacceptable risk, including from the point of view of the nature protecting measures and for realization of the projects, supposing use of technologies not tested in industrial variant and processes.

At confirmation of efficiency of the projects the National bank has an opportunity to organize financing of deliveries practically from any conducting countries of the world, switching on under a covering of экспортно-insurance agencies and demand lines of credit of small and average business. Thus the project, accepted to financing should be supplied authorized when due hereunder the feasibility REPORT of the project, проектно-budget documentation in complete volume and made out properly contracts and contracts for delivery of a required complete set of the process equipment, contract work and other agreements, ensuring normal input in operation and производственно-commercial activity of the project.

For rendering the practical help in design financing the Bank can on a contractual basis give in addition methodical, expert, consulting, educational and other services to all enterprises (independently in which bank they are served), and also commercial banks and other financial structures.

The bank is interested in cooperation in realization of the investment projects of the enterprises, including small and average. Centre of design financing of Bank, and also our regional branches are ready to render you the necessary help and support at all stages of realization of the investment projects.

The essential elements of management and contact persons.

The bank offers the customers complex service of foreign trade activities, qualified consultation, and if necessary develops the individual circuits of accounts. Contact telefon: 137-65-74, 137-65-75

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