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Remote banking

Опубликовано 27-01-2016 / Последнее изменение 27-01-2016

In 2002 National bank developed and introduced one of the most modern bank services — Program complex of remote banking «R-Bank», appropriate to the highest international standards.

«R-Bank» ensures for automated interaction between bank and customer, increases the efficiency of money resources management, and allows:
– Saving time and means, because there is no need in daily visits to bank;
– Choosing bank, not depending on the territorial remoteness;
– Enjoying bank services having created at customer’s house or office an automated working place;
– Expanding the list of services, rendered to the customer;
– Increasing labour productivity of bank’s accountant;
– Ensuring high efficiency and qualitative registration of operations.

Henceforth a customer has no necessity to visit bank each day — he may enjoy bank services directly from office or at home.

«R-Bank»’s spectrum of services includes all basic bank services — payments, detailed information about the condition of the bank accounts, entering and outgoing payments on them, running of business correspondence with the appropriate bank divisions.

The whole information in «R-Bank» is submitted as electronic documents, which are stored in memory of computers and are remitted on electronic channels.

Reception by Bank of the payment documents in an electronic form, certified by the e-digital signature of the Customer, is legally equivalent to reception of the paper payment documents. It is always possible to receive a paper copy of the electronic document.

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